Cubs Pioneering

The Cubs have had a brilliant evening pioneering. They couldn’t believe that knots and lashes that they tied were able to hold ALL of the Cubs on their home built climbing frame.

Sheer Lashing
Square Lashing
It’s all coming together now.
Amazing how strong it is now it’s finished.

Washing the Minibus

We have just returned from our Scout Camp at Consall, you may have seen the previous post, however we must respect our property, and look after it, that way it lasts longer. We got the minibus really dirty, inside and out. So we cleaned it.

Best Kept Village

The Scouts have been out tonight picking up litter around the village tonight, we are doing our part in the community and we are in it to win it .

Tom (left) and James (right) found an empty can of energy drink, we’ll need our energy after all this litter picking.
The girls were happy to get their hands dirty too, some seriously heavy rubbish bags after this. Well done.
We even found an old traffic cone hanging out of the hedge.